Giorgio Armani unveils interactive Frames of Life website

The latest on the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life campaign forefront is the unveiling of a new interactive website to put the ad online. This new website from the famed Italian label allows users to choose what they watch and how they watch it. Yes, the interactive website allows users to donate their creative caps and turn director by giving users a chance to customize their experience of the Frames of Life campaign every time they see it and create their own short film or photo album from the video snippets and images available. Moreover, users can share their short films or photo albums with their friends through social networking sites. As you have fun directing your videos, you can also have a look at the new Frames of Life glasses, inspired by Giorgio Armani’s archive eyewear collections. For women, the 1920’s inspired Pure Oval pair of sunglasses while an Intellectual Chic pair inspired by the 1940s beckons the style conscious men.

So go ahead and check this unique interactive site by clicking here and have some fun.

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