Globe-Trotter pays homage to Jubilee with its premium range of Union Jack inspired Suitcases

Being by the Queen for decades, or to be precise, since the time she purchased Globe-Trotter luggage from Harrods for her honeymoon, this modern heritage brand has been gracing English and world travelers alike since1897. And to rejuvenate its love for England and its loyalty to the crown, Globe-Trotter also took part in celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee by launching a brand new series of Red, White and Blue Limited Edition series of suitcases- a series that’ll become heirloom. Inspired by the Union Jack, this bold series features a red lid and a blue base with white sides, reminiscent of the English Flag and the Eley Kishimoto flash stripe pattern and webbing straps for that complete English experience.

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Expected to be on retail till September, these special edition suitcases will be available in a range of sizes- including the 13″ Vanity Case and the Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels. The series is now available at our Burlington Arcade Flagship store and prices start at $700.
Detailed pricing:
– 13″ Vanity Case £450 ($700)
– 18″ Trolley Case £850 ($1,300)
– 20″ Suitcase £815 ($1250)
– 21″ Trolley Case £950 ($1,500)
– 26″ Suitcase £995 ($1,600)
– 28″ Suitcase with Wheels £1,115 ($1,700)
– 30″ Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels £1,165 ($1,800)
– 33″ Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels £1,220 ($1900)

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