Gold Facial and Gold Bubble Jelly Pedicure from Spa V

Nowadays, fruit scrubs, hot stones, and even four hands kneading your body sound ho-hum compared with the latest breed of massages, facials, and body treatments. By now it’s known by all that Gold is a major anti-oxidant so it combats free radicals, one of the major culprits in the aging process. It’s purported to reduce wrinkles and firm skin, just like Cleopatra did, long before your time. Recently Spa V at Miami’s Hotel Victor has also introduced two new spa treatments that harness the unique healing powers of gold to make you feel like Cleopatra. One is the Gold Facial that certainly sounds extravagant while the other treatment is for your feet – the Gold Bubble Jelly Pedicure. Rollover to read more about both of these fashioning treatments that incorporate the luxurious ingredient Gold.

Gold Facial – This luxurious facial treatment is based on Ayurveda, an ancient health regimen used in India and Sri Lanka that means “Knowledge of Long Life.” The Gold Facial is the worlds most precious and sought after treatment, and has been rooted back to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s beauty secrets. Scientific research has shown that Gold contains natural healing properties and is easily absorbed by the skin. The Gold Facial treatment uses 24-karat gold, which tightens the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins. This treatment will instantly brighten the complexion, soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and produce a lasting youthful glow! Lasting for 90 minutes it lightens you by $300. However this price also includes a 50 ml Gold Lotion to maintain the result at home.
Gold Bubble Jelly Pedicure – Ultimate Luxury for the Feet and Mind
Gold Jelly Foot Soak, an exclusive spa product imported from overseas, is mixed with Champagne to create a soothing, cloud-like foot bath. A blanket of warm, fluffy “jelly” surrounds the lower legs and feet to relieve stress and relax the muscles. For additional luxury, this treatment also incorporates Maica Gold, which naturally assists in removing impurities from the skin and leaves a luminous, sparkling effect. Lasting for 60 minutes you need to shell out just $100.
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