Gold swimsuit makes you feel uber-rich

It’s a gold rush everywhere. Wear gold even in when you take a dip in your pool to cool down this summers. Don’t you think that Friday blues are catching on to me……I haven’t gone berserk. Japan, home to about 40 percent of global luxury goods, has actually come up with one more mesmerizing object. Tokyo Jeweller, Ginza Tanaka, which has 115 years of history of making jewelry, has introduced a real gold swimming suit made out 500 grams (17.6 ounces) of solid-gold-strings. Knitted from 90 micrometer-thick solid gold strings, the golden swimsuit is soft and light so that the wearer does not feel weighed down. However the designer Akihiko Izukura says that “It’s designed to be swam in, but since we’ve never tried it, Ginza Tanaka has to take responsibility and they can’t guarantee that it’s ok.”

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The gold-weave swimsuit is for sale at a shiny price tag of $82,000 (10 million yen).