Google partners with H&M for a unique data based dressing project

It is often said that the things we do or the places we visit give out cues on our actual personas. Banking on this thought is Google that recently created an app that design dresses based on the activities and the general whereabouts of people. The tech giant has teamed up with fashion conglomerate -H&M and its digital fashion house – Ivyrevel for the one-of-its-kind project.

YouTube video

Called the “data dress”, the garment is made using an app that employs Google’s snapshot API to passively detect and record the activities of a smartphone owner. After taking into consideration things like where a person regularly dines or what kind of meeting place they prefer with friends or for work, the app churns out a prospective blueprint for the dress in the making. It also takes into account several other parameters such as the usual weather conditions when a person is outside. Post hawking over you for a week, the app collates and sends the information in form of a special algorithm, which is then turned into beautifully tech dress of sorts!

Further, the material and fit of the dress can also be customized on the basis of your personal activities. For instance, if the data indicates a lot of rain, a water resistant material will be auto-selected. Subjects are also given the liberty to choose the specific style of their dress based on the intended use – ranging from work to informal parties and meetings. While this uber- cool app is yet in the testing phase, those willing can sign up at Ivyrevel’s website to receive frequent alerts on its launch date. If you have always fancied a personalized “Tech dress” for yourself, here’s your chance to have one!


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