Gucci goes green, collaborates with TNT to deliver goods in electric vehicles

Don’t we love and respect Gucci for the multiple Green initiatives it has been adopting? Starting from the first initiative it adopted from its 90th birthday to its eco-sunglasses, shoes, and lastly bags, Gucci has surprised us through the years. And guess what, the renowned brand seems to like the ‘Green mantra’ and plans to keep it up. It is now known to have entered into a collaboration with TNT Express, in turn, adopting their ways of eco-friendly delivery for its merchandise. This innovative and highly unique project by Gucci and TNT Express has been named – “High Street Fashion.”

The new eco-friendly project taken up by Gucci would involve TNT Express deliver its merchandise by “zero-emission” electric vans. A unique way of promoting eco-friendly means to keep the circuit of delivery of goods and the areas of luxury shopping pollution-free in the most important cities of Europe.

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The transport of luxury goods from one part of the Metropolis will be at zero emissions, an example and a philosophy in which only-in this case-plagiarism is welcome. The journey from the gates of the plant maxi TNT Mega Milan to Peschiera Borromeo, close to Linate airport to the heart of high fashion Milanese, or the well-known Fashion District in Milan will be completely in the sign of respect to the environment.

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[Via – Gucci]

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