Gucci is celebrating the brands 100th birthday with an out of this world immersive exhibition in Florence

Gucci is celebrating its 100th year of existence with quite some aplomb! And in doing so, the brand has recently unveiled the Gucci Garden Archetypes, an immersive multimedia experience at the Gucci Garden in Florence. The event will showcase artworks created under creative director Alessandro Michele’s kaleidoscopic vision.

Featuring mythical ark-builders, intergalactic explorers, horses, dancers, angels, and aliens, the exhibition is eccentric and otherworldly at best. It takes inspiration from 15 of the brand’s most infamous collections and campaigns, brought together in a display of artistic mastery.

Commenting on it, Gucci’s creative director and curator of the exhibition Alessandro Michele said, “I thought it was interesting to accompany people in these first six years of adventure, inviting them to cross the imaginary, the narrative, the unexpected, the glitter. So, I created a playground of emotions that are the same as in the campaigns because they are the most explicit journey into my imagery.”

Showcasing “a playground of emotions”, the exhibit is expected to be a treat for lovers of eclectic art. It is virtually open to the public from May 17, 2021 for two weeks on Roblox, the online platform with which Gucci has partnered on various projects. Don’t forget to check it out!

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