Gucci joins The Lion’s Share Fund in a bid to protect wildlife

May it be the prancing cheetah or the gloating bears, wildlife is exotic, endearing and (sadly) every bit endangered in today’s times. Here to change that and contribute towards the larger scheme of conservation is Gucci that recently joined The Lion’s Share Fund to give our wild four-legged the beautiful world that they deserve!

The idea behind the fund is simple – for each time a luxury brand features an animal in its advertisements, it must give away 0.5% of the supporting media spend towards conservation efforts. The money so collected will be utilized to tackle the crisis in nature, biodiversity, and climate across the globe. Led by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the scheme aims at collecting over $100 million per year within the next five years to keep its goal alive and kicking.

Commenting on the initiative – President and CEO of Gucci – Marco Bizzarri said, “The Lion’s Share Fund is an important addition to our conservation strategy. Nature and wildlife provide Gucci with inspired creation that is an integral part of our narrative through our collections and campaigns. With the increasing threats to the planet’s biodiversity, groundbreaking initiatives like The Lion’s Share Fund have the potential to be transformative by organically connecting the business community with direct action to protect our natural habitats and most threatened species.”

Earlier in the year, Prada too partnered with UNESCO for ocean sustainability through education initiatives. Click here to read further.

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