Gucci partners with Harrods for a Garden-themed display of exclusive products

London’s favored Departmental store – Harrods has pretty much been hijacked this month by Gucci, following a collab that will unveil fun new products and an exclusive DIY service like never known before. The two brands have joined hands to present the fashion-crazy with a one-of-a-kind pop-up that will display Alessandro Michele’s exclusive new collection which can further be peppered-up by the customers per their liking!

Called the ‘Gucci Garden’, the month- long event will be hosted at the Knightsbridge store until the end of August. For the exciting collaboration, the brand’s shop has been transformed entirely with the use of Gucci Dionysus bags, Gucci Patched bomber jackets and gossamer gowns on pink mannequins – all visible through its 16 windows and the ground-floor entrance. The highlight of the pop-up though is an exclusive DIY service that will allow guests to personalize selected products with exotic skins, colored horse bits, decorative patches and the Harrods-exclusive butterfly motifs in a variety of colors.

The event, for the very first time will also sell Alessandro Michele’s debut fragrance for women called- The ‘Gucci Bloom’. The store will also display pieces from the rtw limited edition collection along with a bunch of other accessories including mini Dionysus and Sylvie bags, a version of the Lilith handbag, floral-print kimono tops and trousers and Ace sneakers for men and women. If you are in London this month, stopping by this Harrods X Gucci Wonderland must certainly top your wish-chart!


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