Gucci teams up with Livia Firth to launch eco-friendly bags

Green is “officially” in and is soon catching up with every product or service imaginable Yes, we just confirmed this after hearing Italian fashion megalith Gucci make a move towards Green. Team up the green soles and greener sunglasses from Gucci with a green bag on hand from the same brand! Collaborating with Livia Firth, Creative Director Eco-Age, a retail consultant that offers innovative, effective, and practical solutions for brands or services who wish to turn to the greener and more energy-efficient side, Gucci reveals its first line of eco-friendly bags! In an age where we often see the fashion world going mumb when it comes to talking about sustainability or environment consciousness, there is quite a handful who boldly take up the challenge. And here’s Gucci walking the ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ inching its contribution towards avoiding deforestation caused due to cattle ranching (reports say, two-thirds of deforestation is caused by cattle ranching).

Though the entire collection has compromised on material and mode of production, it nonetheless looks and feels stylishly Gucci. Each bag in the collection is also accompanied by a passport, stating details of its origin and how the bag was made! Isn’t this one hell of an initiative? Way to go Gucci!

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[Graziadaily and Telegraph]

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