Gucci Indy Large top handle bag for $2490!

Styling yourself well during the day is not a very easy task if you have to do it perfectly. You can’t go too bright, too dark, or too loud. You can look your best if you sport something simple, well-fitted, and super-elegant. But it’s still not perfect if it’s not accessorized well and we are here to help you with that. The Gucci Indy Large Top Handle bag is every inch style personified. It can complement any outfit, light or dark, long or short!

The Large top handle bag looks irresistibly stunning in rust leather. The tassel and guccissima leather plate detail enhance the look even more and break the monotony of the single tone. It is 12 9/10″H x 18 4/5″W x 5 1/2″ D in size and is made in Italy. You can gift your high-maintenance girl this Gucci Indy Large top handle bag for $2,490.00 and be sure that she will never raise her voice in front of you!