Gucci’s $1400 chunky sneakers are not worth the spend

Recent sneaker styles have been polarizing the fashion and street style community alike. While some have jumped aboard the chunky sneaker bandwagon (think Balenciaga Triple S), others have taken to sporting sneakers made from knit fabrics (think Nike’s Flyknit range or the ultra-expensive Yeezy’s by Kanye West). Gucci’s SEGA sneakers are definitely not for those in the latter group. These OTT shoes are bulkier than ever, complete with a jewel studded strap just to take them to the next level.

The sporty luxe vibe is strong since the shoe combines leather, suede and mesh materials. The sole is al thick and chunky as you can imagine and the hiking-shoe style laces do nothing to tone down the design. You’ll see the Gucci logo on the tongue, but you probably won’t register it given how much is going on with this shoe.

The Gucci Sega is already available in six colorways, though if we’re being honest, they’re all pretty drab. These shoes are so frustratingly trendy that it’s almost annoying. We expect more from high fashion labels rather than to just copy trends. Plus, Balenciaga was so obviously responsible for the resurgence of the dad sneaker that whenever any other brand creates their version, it seems like pandering to a temporary fad. Before spending $1,400 on these shoes, take a moment to think about the fact that unless you really have a connection with the style, you’ll probably be selling them on Ebay in a few months.


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