Harrods heralds spring with a concept garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

It’s a first for Harrods the luxury department store in London has teamed up with award winning garden designer Sheena Seeks to create “The Fragrance Garden”. This is a celebration of perfume through the medium of flowers, where the art of perfume making is the basic theme. The garden will also reflect the fusion between nature and science, as well as the traditional floral perfumes.

Taking inspiration from an artisan tradition of enfleurage, wherein the scent of flowers is captured in wax. The installation will show one side of the garden with flowers in enclosed oversized laboratory beakers and test tubes, while on the adjacent side the will reappear transformed into giant blooms. With the help of digital innovation, the garden will also feature reality images on giant screens, which will leap to life when seen through a tablet pr phone.

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Experience this multi- sensory garden for yourself at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in May 2015. This show will be held for five days on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. This well known show attracts visitors from all over the world.


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