HENK Suitcase is a luxurious accessory for $20,000

Hopefully, luxury lovers remember the luxurious and extremely expensive $28,600 HENK suitcase. Here is another exquisite HENK suitcase that will appeal to every luxury traveler. Another expensive creation, this HENK suitcase is priced at $20,000 making it an accessory for the select few only. A Dutch businessman named Henk van de Meene wanted to create a better piece of luggage after struggling with his bag one busy day in LaGuardia. That’s the story of the birth of the HENK suitcase. A customized suitcase, the buyer can choose between glossy carbon fiber and smooth calf leather for the exterior to high-tech fiber, horsehair or even cow hide with a zebra print for the interior. Buyers can also choose from the two styles- Travelfriend and Attaché Case.

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The luxurious suitcase promises to be a light weight easy to maneuver bag. The dual door design of this suitcase makes unpacking an extremely easy task, while the telescoping handle offers ease at wheeling the bag around and the retractable leash makes sure your bag is never lost.
A luxurious and exquisite suitcase, there is also a ready to ship collection as well as a limited edition collection for those who don’t have the time to design and customize their own suitcase.

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