Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing fine lingerie

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They say that beauty starts from within and the more confident you feel on the inside, the better you will look on the outside. One such way you can improve your confidence is through wearing luxury lingerie. There is something confidence-boosting about knowing you are wearing something beautiful and finely-made underneath that will instantly make you feel good about yourself. You will feel sexy, empowered, beautiful, and a lot happier within yourself. Here we have put together some top tips for you to choose fine lingerie such as French lingerie and where you should get it from – particularly around the time of valentine’s day.

Think about what colours suit your complexion
We all have colours that are better designed for our skin tones. Think carefully about the colours that you don’t only like to wear, but also that suit your skin, hair, and eye colour. If you have a pinky tone to your skin you don’t want to get the same colour lingerie as it could blend in and won’t look as effective, but you also don’t want something that will detract away from your natural tone. Opt for pastels and powder colours. If you are darker skin you can opt for light colours that will really pop or a daring pattern that will stun each and every time. You can opt for darker lingerie too, but in the same case as with lighter colour skin you don’t want it to get lost or detract from your natural tones.

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Choose something you feel confident in
The most important thing when it comes to choosing your lingerie is to find something you feel comfortable wearing. While something might look sexy on a mannequin, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it then there’s no point you purchasing it.

Choose quality over quantity
With lingerie, you really do get what you pay for and that’s why it’s important to choose quality over quantity. With higher quality, you get better quality materials such as soft lace or satin that is designed to feel nice on your skin and will also last much longer.

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Discover a brand you love
There are many brands out there, but once you find a brand you love and knows compliments you, it can be hard to shop elsewhere. Take Maison Lejaby for example, they have a stunning selection of lingerie designed to compliment an array of figures, skin tones and preferences.

Remember that beauty and a smile are two of the best things a woman can wear and fine lingerie can give you both of these things. Be sure to choose something that suits your figure and that you feel beautiful in, no matter if you think it’s your style or not. Lingerie is a subjective and very personal choice and you want to wear it to feel good for others, but mostly to feel empowered in yourself. What do you think of our fine lingerie guide? Let us know your thoughts and any tips you have when it comes to choosing fine lingerie.

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