Here are the 5 most expensive perfumes in the world for 2020

Everyone loves to smell wonderful and for their perfume to make an impression and a lasting memory. There is much more to choosing a perfume than loving the fragrance and its luxurious packaging. It is ‘the dream’ that is conjured up by the adverts of an attractive woman running in the surf, dancing in the moonlight with a man or being as popular as the celebrity that has endorsed the perfume. Subconsciously, the buyer of the perfume believes that she could be that woman and that wearing this particular fragrance could change her life….

There are many gorgeous perfumes on the market – with a variety of price tags, but the top five in the world are just so special that their cost is unbelievable!

Why do some perfumes cost so much?
There are three key elements that can make a beautiful perfume really expensive: the use of rare ingredients, luxurious packaging and a top-quality marketing campaign.

Truly precious ingredients…
One of the main reasons why some perfumes are extra special is that they exclusive and are made with rare and expensive ingredients from animals, trees and flowers. Such ingredients include the musk collected from rare animals and ambergris which comes from the digestive system of sperm whales. Ingredients from flowers are usually the essential oils that are carefully collected from thousands of flowers. The perfume Joy by Jean Patou, for example, contains essential oil collected from 10,000 jasmine blossoms hand-picked in Grasse, a town in the French Riviera. This number of flowers yields just 1/25 ounce of essential oil. Oud is an extremely rare ingredient that is used as one of the base notes in many of the top perfumes. Oud is the resin produced only by the oldest wild agar trees, so is very scarce.

Luxurious packaging
The packaging of perfume plays a key role in its sales. A bottle of perfume is a luxury item and for many women, the sensual design of the bottle and the use of luxurious decorative touches gives the perfume a ‘wow’ factor before it has been smelt! With the world’s most luxurious perfumes, the packaging is taken to a new level like Baccarat which uses beautiful crystal perfume bottles and other brands that have gold decoration and even diamond chips.

The most expensive bottle of perfume ever was the DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar fragrance which really did cost one million dollars. The perfume was presented in an unbelievably beautiful bottle that was decorated with 2,909 precious stones including 2,700 diamonds and a 7.18-carat oval cabochon sapphire. It took 1,500 hours for the design to be completed on the perfume bottle which was a dramatic reproduction of the New York skyline.

A prestigious advertising campaign.
The marketing campaign for a top-end designer perfume is going to be expensive if it is going to be effective. Often marked in a similar way to a fine wine, a top perfume will be launched as a limited edition as this creates exclusivity and many rich buyers are willing to pay a huge price just so that they can relish the feeling of owning such a special perfume and of course tell everyone that they do!

Often to ensure that the advertising campaign is effective, the perfume company will approach a top celebrity to get involved in the publicity and to endorse the perfume and needless to say, the cost of this will help push the price of the perfume up.

Here are the most expensive perfumes in the world –

5. Caron Poivre.
This very distinctive fragrance was created in 1954 to mark the 50th anniversary of the perfume house of Caron. This perfume is bold, distinctive and memorable as it is both spicy and peppery (the word ‘poivre’ is French for ‘pepper’). The perfume costs £815 per ounce ($1,00US dollars) and is unisex. The perfume is in a Baccarat crystal bottle with a white gold collar decorated with crystal. The bottle is displayed in a beautiful silk-lined box with a door that opens to reveal the perfume standing on s small display plinth.

4. Hermès 24 Fauberg
This perfume is particularly precious as only 1,000 bottles have been made and this is reflected in its price tag- £1,250 ($1,500 US Dollars) for one ounce. Created by the famous Parisian perfumers Hermès, this unique fragrance incorporates orange blossom, jasmine, tiare flower, patchouli, ylang-ylang and vanilla and the result is a lovely light feminine fragrance that is presented in an elegantly styled bottle made of St Louis crystal with a satin gold top. The perfume is named after the address of the main Hermes store in Paris.

3. Chanel Grand Extrait
The name Chanel has long been linked with fabulous perfumes and is probably the most famous perfume name in the world. The first Chanel No 5 perfume was made in 1921. Chanel Grand Extrait is a really sought after perfume because it is truly feminine and smells like the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Priced at £3,425 ($4,200 US dollars) per ounce, this very special Chanel perfume is presented in a bottle that in itself is a piece of classical elegance and very distinctive.

2. Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes.
Costing £5,550 ($6,800 US dollars) per ounce, this beautiful perfume is one of three limited edition fragrances by Baccarat. Its name, Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes hints at how precious it is as the translation is ‘the sacred tears of Thebes’’. Baccarat has long been known for its crystal and only began making perfumes in the 1990s. This perfume is presented in an unusual clear crystal pyramid that is capped with amethyst coloured crystal. Inside the pyramid is a golden crystal bubble and the perfume is stored in this. The perfume contains two very rare ingredients from historical times -frankincense and myrrh – as well as musk, sandalwood and amber, with floral notes.

1. Clive Christian No 1 Imperial Majesty.
This prestigious perfume has been created by one of the world’s top perfume makers and costs £10,370 ($12,725 US dollars) because it is made with exquisite and very ingredients including Tahitian vanilla, lily of the valley, cardamom and rosa centafolis These are meant to conjure up images of the mythological character who wore perfume – Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. This rose is attributed for having a therapeutic effect on the skin and softening it. The perfume bottle is very special as it is designed in hand-crafted crystal and the neck is 24 carat gold on silver and embellished with a solitaire. There are two versions of this perfume- for women there is one with flora notes and for men, an oriental fragrance.