Hermes goes back to its roots unveils a truly luxurious saddle

Hermes is perhaps one of the few brands to cater to equestrian lovers; after all, which other brand in your opinion has ever introduced a luxury saddle. Oh, and just by the way, Hermes was founded as a maker of harnesses and saddles in 1837.

Now coming to this piece of luxury; meet the Vivace saddle, an old-school elegant saddle for our equestrian lovers seeking luxury.

Meticulously designed, the saddle fulfills all our equestrian desires. For one, it’s designed to be sleek and thin and allows for one to keep close contact between the horse and its rider. Think about it, the French luxury house has actually conceptualised a range of fine leather saddles in rich tones of deep black and tan brown.

Of course, since its Hermes, the purchasing process is every bit as extravagant as the brand. To find the right saddle, each rider is assisted by an expert who assists the rider in terms of measurements and the model was chosen; then on foot, to measure the horse. This elaborate detailing is then used to curate the perfect saddle.

Hermes’ Partner Rider Lucy Deslauriers and the much coveted Vivace saddle made their debut at the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival. If you are a horse-lover at heart, visit the Hermes website, where you can purchase the Vivace saddle for $8,200, along with other horse accessories.


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