Hermes launches laundromat services for their scarves in Paris and New York

While filling up your closet with luxuries is a delightful task, it’s the upkeep and tedious care they call for that often bogs us down. However, setting an example of brilliance when it comes to post-sale services is our beloved French label – Hermès that has recently launched a unique Laundromat at the brand’s flagship stores in Paris and New York.

Designed especially for the iconic Hermès silk scarves, the laundromat promises to sparkle up your tender stoles to render them as good as new! The HermesMatic project as it is gladly called, guarantees to renew your well-worn scarves with the help of three expert color-reviving wash cycles- namely the denim blue, bright red and fuchsia. What’s more, you wouldn’t have to spare a penny for this special spic and span, as the ‘no-snag’ laundry service is offered free of charge to customers. All you need to do is wait it out for 48 hours during the special HermesMatic dip-dye treatment, following which your soft cravats will be presented to you in an expertly folded brown paper package.

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For some engaging retail therapy, alongside, the brand has also erected a dedicated space right beside the orange washing machines that allows customers to purchase the vintage dip-dye Brides de gala, Quadrige, Festival des amazons as well as the Les Clés printed classics (€350), all while their silk scarves get their mini-makeovers. The unique laundromat will feature in the brand’s Paris and NY stores until mid- June.

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