Hermès’ New Loop Leather Case Lets Smartphones Show Off Too

Flaunting the latest handset is definitely stylish. However, it is only the first step towards true elegance. French fashion house Hermès takes up this challenge confidently and does not disappoint. Its recent launch of a set of luxe loop leather cases is a great help to carry your smartphone trendily. They are designed flawlessly in two colours – Bleu Encre (blue) and Rouge de Cœur (red). Both of these have been skilfully crafted using the highest quality Mysore goatskin.

Hermès has paid attention to the details, as it always does. The white stitching throughout gives it an attractive contrast. There’s also a slidable loop which is designed thoughtfully, letting the user wear it around the neck, or over the shoulder, or simply carry it in the hand. Each of the Loop Leather Case is spacious enough to hold the smartphone in its main section. That’s not all, a smaller, detachable pocket sits outside and can be used to safely keep the credit cards and keys.

This has certainly grabbed your attention. If so, hurry! Head over to Hermès’ online shop to purchase one.

[Available at:Hermes Via:Trendhunter]

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