Hermès’ sets up a stylish pop-up at JFK

While brands out there are trying to re-invent themselves for the upcoming holiday season to draw customers to give into their desires of all things good, we think Hermès is probably the smartest one out there! The French luxury heritage, in its bid to entice holiday shoppers, has set shop right at the heart of one of the busiest terminals in New York City (and probably the world). The pop-up is set up at JFK’s newly renovated Terminal 4 retail lounge to lure travellers to spend a little on some luxe fragrances, iconic printed scarves and/or home accessories like candles, which are all available at the mini store.

We think the location is an ingenious idea because travellers, especially Terminal 4’s long distance travellers, usually have nothing to do other than to kill time between security checks and the boarding call; and with that much of time, a little browsing is not going to hurt, right? The pop-up is modeled after Paris’ flagship store (only smaller) and will at least give customers an authentic Hermès experience. This space is staying put until late November, ample of time for travellers to plan their arrivals and departures!

[ Via : Cntraveler ]

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