Hermes unveiled a new men’s fragrance after 15 years

Hermes has turned its nose to gentlemen for the first time in 15 years! The marquee has recently unveiled an exclusive cologne for men that is touted to have numerous layers. It has been created by perfumer Christine Nagel and is every bit appealing!

Christened H24, the perfume boasts a mix of clary sage, rare rosewood essence, and narcissus absolute – with sclarene, a synthetic molecule with a sensual metallic scent. It is botanical and almost springlike and presents a new sense of freshness.

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Commenting on it, Nagel in a statement said, “To create this new Hermès signature fragrance, I had to open up other, less predictable paths, to move away from the conventional woodiness of men’s scents,” she further added, “I like to go towards natural raw materials and work them using technologies that give other textures.”

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Nagel found inspiration for the novel fragrance from the fabrics in Hermès’ menswear. She stated, “When I attend Véronique [Nichanian]’s shows, I am always struck by how I’m able to feel the texture with my eyes. For H24, I was thinking of ‘urban nature,’ the accelerated image of this little shoot pushing through concrete to claim its space. I find the expression of this movement, this life force, moving.”

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The H24 is currently available in three sizes: 100ml ($105), 50ml ($80), and 15ml ($33) on the brand’s official website.

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