Hermès gives all its US employees a family reunion to remember

This is something you don’t hear of every day, especially during these times of economic turmoil. While most companies are pinching pennies or firing their workforce, Hermès the fashion house showed their generous side. They held a family reunion for all of their 515 US employees in Hyatt Regency, Princeton in New Jersey. The employees were flown from all of their 24 US stores, and the event was held over a period of 3 days. The staffers celebrated the reunion with a game of decorating a 90”x 90” of Hermès scarf, and it was put up for display. To honor the top salespeople, the chairman of Hermès Bertrand Puech and his wife Martine had a lavish dinner party. The CEO of Hermès Robert Chavez, hoped to make this reunion a tri-annual event.

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