Hermès Unveils Chic Leather Bag for Tennis Players

There is something better than an afternoon at the Tennis club, running around the court and getting some really brisk exercise under the warm sun. Assuming you would join an upmarket tennis club, you would definitely not want to carry something that is ordinary and that which other members of the club might carry. Realizing this need, luxury brand Hermès has created a unique and stylish tennis bag that is not only chic but also extremely functional.

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The bag comes in soft leather and has a very light tone and keeps your tennis racket in perfect condition. The greatest part about the bag is that it absolutely has no logos which make it look minimalist and simple, while also looking real chic. The bag is part of the Hermès Spring Collection 2010 and should be available in stores. There is no information about the price of the bag yet. If you are interested in French luxury goods and Hermes in particular, you could also take a look at the Leather Table Clock and Bicycle Sports Orange Trimmings from the same company.
Via: Embelezzia

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