Hideous or Wonderful? This fashion brand has introduced four-toed monster feet boots made from luxury scraps

The boundaries of fashion have been stretched far and wide – thanks to Florence-based emerging brand AVAVAV’s latest launch – the four-toed monster feet boots. The collection is committed to sustainability and demonstrates the marquee’s take on the future.

Made from leftover scraps from neighboring fashion houses, the ‘Bloody Feet’ boots, as they are called, reference human innards and are made of deadstock fabric and silicone. They boast four monstrous extended toes and are available in deep red, bright green, metallic purple, black and blue hues.

Commenting on the eclectic offering, the brand’s art director – Beate Karlsson said, ‘My pieces have long been a product of trying to liberate myself from known shapes,’ he further added, ‘I’ve felt that approaching otherness in the contemporary fashion landscape has been an effective vehicle to change some of the most pressing errors of the industry, while still being just about the fruition of innovation.’

In addition to the ‘Bloody Feet’ boots, the collection also consists of finger feet ankle boots that are far less exaggerated in appearance. Both editions are currently sold out, however, the rest of the items from the ensemble can be purchased on the AVAVAV’s official website.

Fancy some quirky fashion for the feet?

[Available at: AVAVAV – AVAVAV Firenze]

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