Hilarious video shows children describing what they see in luxury fashion ads

This is so funny. So very funny that you could go ahead roflol-ing – you know, roll on the floor laughing out loud. The fashion industry is having a very tough time, they are! If not animal-protectors, then just children who says it as they see it – and how! There cannot be anything more innocently honest than a little child who simply says what he or she understands from something they see or experience. Spanish artist Yolanda Dominquez is almost infamous for her bold and controversial videos, but this time her weapon is innocence.

How do 2D super models gracing the best known brands on earth look like to children? ‘Sick’, ‘drugged’, ‘ill’, ‘dead’. As part of her project titled ‘Ninos vs Moda (children versus fashion), she showed a few fashion shots to a bunch of 8-year old children who gave their honest opinions. The video is a riot and if you don’t laugh, then you too must be a wee bit ‘sick’. Tee hee.
sick women in ads 2

sick women in ads 3

[Via – Petapixel]

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