H&M Balmain looks leaked, up on eBay at astronomical prices even before official coming out day

We’re pretty sure the news of a joined collaboration between popular Swedish clothing retailer H&M and French haute couture house Balmain is well known by now; and if not, then we have one question for you, have you been living under a rock? Probably the biggest most awaited collection of the year, the H&M Balmain that was supposed to debut for the public on November 5th, is already out. Well, not literally but virtually. Images of the collection was leaked online by a blogger and as quick as a wild fire spreads, resellers on eBay have already begun listing the most desirable items in multiple sizes, knowing that the collection would probably sell out immediately once released in stores. The only difference of buying it from the resellers, are the almost-double marked-up values of the clothes!

With all the hype surrounding the collection and its release, prized styles like the beaded blazer that Kendall Jenner wore to the Billboard Music Awards is being listed for a whopping $1,300 even though the actual retail price is only $549. The whole idea of selling the collection on eBay is to guarantee the delivery of a particular product; though the resellers can’t claim a 100% truth to that, which is why they’ve also promised a full refund if they’re unsuccessful. Which, if you ask us, technically defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? The pre-sale includes a smaller range of the awaited collection of dresses, T-shirts, accessories and shoes. Jenner along with Jourdan Dunn and Gigi Hadid are the faces of the anticipated line that features quite a lot of fancy standout pieces that caught our eye – view the entire collection here.

[ Via : Racked ]

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