Hourglass cufflinks: For the sophisticated man with an exceptional taste

Sometimes simple and subtle accessories are all you need to flaunt your lavish lifestyle. The man who follows this mantra, the Hourglass cufflinks from the Villa Cufflink collection is definitely a must-have. The exquisite crystal-studded cufflinks will subtly flaunt your luxurious lifestyle. The beautiful cufflinks from the great Villa house have been handcrafted using Rock crystal. Simple black onyx bars entwined in white gold add the finishing touches to these exquisite cufflinks. Elegant, classy, and extremely sophisticated, these cufflinks will complement any outfit: a brisk morning shirt or formal dining attire. The beautiful cufflinks reside in an equally stunning and stylish blue fitted Villa box.

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Definitely, for the man with a classy taste, these cufflinks are priced at $6,580 and available here.

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