How to look a ‘Kingsman’ spy in just five buys

What does it take to be an authentic Brit spy? Well other than the mix-martial and gun arts skills, the brain of a genius and the guts of a ghost-hunter, it’s style. Unforgiving, uncompromising style that is etched in every move. After all, looking the part is a lot more convenient than playing it. Which is why we have handpicked five necessities for you from the Mr. Porter shopping portal that has recently hosted special garments themed around the ‘Kingsman’ spy-style. All items features are made in Britain.

Cutler And Gross Glasses
There isn’t a better need than vision when you’re out spying. If you are myopic or the victim of hypermetropia, these glasses could be your periscope to the world around you. If you’re not, you could wear them anyway. The Kingsman team has joined hands with Cutler and Gross to celebrate British-made designs in eyewear. The elegant square frames are a reflection of supreme craftsmanship and a style that is molded by time. The frames are made entirely by hand and built with acetate derived from Cadore in Italy. You can fit these with your choice of lenses. £430.

Slim-Fit Wool-Birdseye Suit
The garb makes the man. Kingsman’s single-breasted suit is specially created to drape the spy in you. The slim-fit shape ensures that you have the freedom to maneuver around a church of death-worthies with an axe and gun at hand. The hems are deliberately unfinished to suit your preference of length. The two-piece suit is stitched with lightweight and crease-resistant navy wool-birdseye from the Dormeuil Cloth mill. This can keep the need of cleaners at bay, long enough to empty your pockets of crucial evidence. It goes without saying that the suit is a picture of durability. £1,809.

Swaine Adeney Brigg Umbrella
If you’re in the UK, you’re constantly bothered by what the skies throws at you. Which is why the British spy must resort to a reliable umbrella. The Kingsman alliance with Swaine Adeney Brigg brings the classy chestnut wood-handle umbrella you see here. Draped in brilliant black, the inner frame is sturdy and covers a wide expanse to keep you shielded from the infamous London rain. The Swaine Adeney Brigg is a company based in London’s West End. The smooth chestnut handle is a tangible delight. £357.

Swaine Adeney Brigg Briefcase
Available in untainted leather, the Swaine Adeney Brigg briefcase is yet another offering from the heritage British label. It’s for those who’d like to pair their attire with a briefcase that is sturdy enough to hold all things crucial. Made in the company’s Cambridge workshop, the briefcase is made from fine English bridle hide that is studded with polished gold hardware. The impeccable class resonating from this beautiful case completes your spy-look. £962.

Drakes Pocket Square
You’re almost there but not there yet. Not until you completely douse yourself with all the spy-like awesomeness of a pocket square. This Drake’s Wool and Silk Pocket Square is just what your suit needs. This handmade style has been exclusively made in England and is available in a classic navy shade. The brilliant combination of wool and silk makes adds a touch of finesse to this stylish accessory. £67.

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