Hugo Boss will go fur-free from next year

Fans of ethical fashion have a reason to rejoice as luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has announced plans to go fur-free from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection onwards. From next year the brand will end the use of fur from raccoon dogs, foxes and rex rabbits in all their collections.

Bernd Ludwig Keller -brand and creative director of sportswear- said, “As one of the leading companies in the premium and luxury segment, we have a great deal of responsibility. In our view, sourcing down feathers from the plucking of live animals is not ethical and we have therefore taken the decision to reject this practice. When purchasing merino wool, we give preference to suppliers, who do not use the painful mulesing procedure on their animals. We also have high standards for the use of fur from farmed animals: from our Fall/Winter 2016 Collection onward, we will no longer be using raccoon dog or rex rabbits. This means we will not be using any farmed fur in any of our HUGO BOSS clothing collections and are sending out a clear signal.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Peta’s graphic exposé that revealed the horrifying conditions that crocodiles on a Texas farm were subjected to. 80% of fur used in the fashion industry is sourced from similar farms.

The Fur Free Alliance commended Hugo Boss in a statement, “HUGO BOSS has become a leader in the fashion world by taking a stand against animal cruelty and ending the use of fur in collections. The Fur Free Alliance hopes other luxury brands will follow HUGO BOSS’s lead, especially since there are now so many cruelty-free alternatives that are fashionable and indistinguishable from the real thing.”

Here’s hoping that more brands adopt the cruelty free approach to fashion.

[Via –Huffingtonpost]

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