Illuminated bridal trousseau for an all-glowing bride!

Talk about the bride grabbing attention. But isn’t she the center of attraction anyway? But e-Textile artist Alison Lewis doesn’t want this attention-hungry bride to take any chances. And so comes the ‘Lighted Wedding Dress’ which she created for a friend. While the gown doesn’t really look overdone, the lighting component is placed under the skirt, which is in turn, connected with a row of snaps to the interior of the dress to help turn the feature on or off depending on which time of the day the gown needs to be actually used.

The real star for the flawless white ‘glow’ is ll-glowing fiber-optic fabric by Italy-based Luminex, which ensures a soft illumination as well as a twinkling effect. The lights are powered by 4x AAA batteries placed inside a hidden under the skirt.

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