Infographic – All the things you can buy instead of the $2 million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

As Victoria’s Secret readies their angels to strut their stuff at the brand’s 20th anniversary catwalk, all eyes will be on their firework-inspired 2015 Fantasy Bra, worth a cool $2 million. Designed by Victoria’s Secret traditional jeweler Mouawad and modelled by Lily Aldridge, this might be what you’re lusting after. But just in case it isn’t and you’re still looking to put all those bills into good use, here are some ideas worth every dollar!

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If you’ve got celebration on your mind, $2 million will also fetch you 13,100 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne or 519,100 firework rockets – though we cannot fathom the post-party chaos! You could also commit to your body and that of your next two generations with 139 years of personal training programs or 8,700 days of Spa goodness or go down the road of slow-destruction with 59,800 boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries. Shopaholics might find sense in getting 37,100 bottles of Victoria’s Secret perfume or 26,000 ‘regular’ Victoria’s Secret lingerie sets or 432,700 selfie sticks or choose to be a little more practical and buy 35 Harry Winston diamond rings or maybe just 25 Range Rovers! You could also do an Imelda Marcos and treat yourself to 3,000 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes.]
There’s also nonsensical shopping that needs to be done. Like 118,300 party wings and 46,400 sexy Santa outfits or 129,800 flower crowns, because- well, just because.
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