Inside the worlds most luxurious airport terminal

Chanel’s runaway show at the Paris Fashion Week was simply fascinating! While luxury houses prefer to proceed with customary concepts, the French bastion opted for the unconventional. Only last year, Chanel imbibed the supermarket concept for their runaway show. This year, uf you happened to step into magnificent Grand Palais, you may have been surprised to spot an airport terminal.

Grand Palais 2
Since the theme was airport chic, the backdrop of the much-awaited show was Terminal 2C. SS16 designs were displayed as models strolled as chic voyagers in a makeshift departure lounge.
Grand Palais3
Predictably so, Chanel’s much-loved Kendall Jenner was the showstopper.
Grand Palais4
If you are heading for a meeting straight off the flight, there was a very clear homage to classic Chanel.
Grand Palais5
And of course, the idyllic attire for a lethargic and sun-kissed destination.
Grand Palais6
Or, when there’s a cocktail party to attend right after you step off.
Grand Palais7
And of course, the wide-legged trousers to garner some attention
Grand Palais8
And the ultimate look for an overnight flight, comfortable yet fashionable.
Grand Palais9
When spring floral graces the runaway
Grand Palais10
What’s travel without accessories and orange sunglasses?
Grand Palais11
You’re definitely the showstopper of flight when you walk in like this
Grand Palais12
And the party alights towards the flight gate.
Grand Palais13
Departure rows were full with front row regulars like Anna Wintour and Cara Delevigne.
Grand Palais14
Chanel’s main man Karl Lagerfeld emerged out of gate No. 5 to an enthralled audience.

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