Is Gucci bringing the tracksuit back?

If Juicy Couture held the unofficial style patent on tracksuits throughout the noughties, then Gucci may very well be picking up the baton for the next generation. The brand’s Spring 2018 collection features a number of tracksuits heavily adorned with the Gucci’s signature double G logo. Could this indicate a possible comeback for the tracksuit?

Creatives at Gucci seem to be in a nostalgic mood, since the collection was not only heavy on tracksuits, but also some of the OTT brightly colored sportswear jackets that were everywhere in the early 2000s. Don’t miss the preppy sweaters and cardigans featuring beloved cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny and Snow White. You may recall that Moschino also borrowed from the cartoon world to make a style statement a few years ago.

Whether you love the vintage vibes, or think the 2000s should be left in the past, this collection almost seems to be designed with streetwear in mind. Believe us when we say, you’ll be seeing these items all over your favorite street style blogs and social media accounts very soon.


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