James Purdey & Sons shows off every man’s dream gifts

Britain’s James Purdey & Sons mean business with their products, proof of which is apparent on their exclusive line of essentials in the current day and age. Some of their exquisite offerings include the Mammoth Tooth and Rose Gold belt buckle. This one costs close to $17,010 and is handmade from steel and rose gold and inlaid with the fossilized mammoth tooth. The company’s Large Drink Cabinet is $24,300 and features a cabinet made of solid oak covered in leather and brass corner protectors. It comes with 14 glasses and 2 hand-cut crystal glass decanters. And inside the lid, there is a gold embossed leather gun case label.

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The adventure seeker will love the Brass Compass with a leather case. It is a liquid prismatic liquid built to full military specifications and contains tritium light sources allowing you to use it in complete darkness. Last but not least is the Coin Finished Cigar Cutter featuring one of the highest stainless steel grades and boasts a guillotine mechanism. The coin finished steel used in this cutter is also embellished with traditional gun engravings. This item is priced at £1,742.

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