Japanese design giant Nendo gives Star Wars characters a minimalist overhaul

No one knows the realm design, better than the folks at Nendo. Recently, the designers at the Japanese studio decided to give the characters from Star Wars a one-of-a-kind twist. The result is this range of minimalist products based on the Star Wars film franchise. The Star Wars collection by Nendo is made up of 16 abstract representations of characters and vehicles that show up in the movies. These 3D pieces that double up as every day-use products are based on 2D images. Minimal features like masks, hairstyles or wings make these pieces distinguishable and recognizable.

The Nendo website states that, “The volume and the curvature of the characters were all adjusted to be more or less similar, all having a rounded top and concave base. This enabled the characters to be stacked on top of each other for different purposes.” The products can be used as cups, salt and pepper pots, table-top stationary or can even be transformed into wearable jewelry! “The expansion of the product offerings can be infinite, which provides a whole new fun and creative aspect of exploring the possibilities that resides in characters,” states the Nendo website. The collection has been created exclusively for the Japanese department store chain Seibu-Sogo.

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[ Via : Dezeen ]