Jinx the Cat Minaudier from Judith Leiber: Purr-fect for feline lovers

In India, if a black cat crosses your path, then bad luck will soon follow. But here is one black cat that promises to make you lucky by turning you into a show-stopper. Known as Jinx (wonder if the silly superstition played a role in this cat), this adorable kitty is one of the most stylish accessories from Judith Leiber. If you are a cat person and love cats, then this Cat Minaudier is definitely for you. The Minaudier boasts of multi-colored hand-beaded Austrian crystals. Sure to get you noticed, this cute accessory is also a unique way to flaunt your love for felines. The Minaudier with a push-lock closure is made in Italy and measures 5 1/2H” x 3 1/2″W x 3 1/4″ D in size. Definitely not jinxed, the Jinx Cat Minaudier from Judith Leiber is priced at $ $3,500 and available here.

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