Jo Malone debuts a luxury fragrance collection inspired by desirable teas

Jo Malone’s fragrances are taking a gourmet turn. After a verdant Herb Garden collection, the brand is debuting a fresh new line of scents inspired by teas of the Orient. The Rare Tea collection includes six fragrances inspired by teas from China, Japan and India. The tea leaf buds have been handpicked and are infused into the fragrance through a method quite similar to the technique for brewing tea. A true perfume enthusiast will be able to discover the additional ingredients that make each delicate tea fragrance truly special.

* Darjeeling Tea – This fragrance wraps black tea from the foothills of the Himalayas in the scented embrace of jasmine, freesia and Indian davana.

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* Golden Needle Tea – China’s coveted Yunnan tea buds form the core of this luxurious scent which is enhanced by leather, spices, sandalwood, and benzoin resin.

* Jade Leaf Tea – Grown off the island of Kyushu Sencha tea is combined with sesame seeds, pomelo, and frankincense for this fragrance.

* Midnight Leaf Tea – Yunan’s pu-erh tea forms a seductive scent when combined with vanilla, labdanum and guaiac wood.

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* Oolong Tea – Oolong tea from the mountains of Jiangsu is enrobed with bitter cocoa, tobacco leaf and tonka bean to form a fresh fragrance.

* Silver Needle Tea – Handpicked from the valleys of Fujian, at dawn white tea forms the delicate core which is surrounded by rose, sage, and musk.

Each fragrance will retail at $346 for a 175-ml. bottle and the collection hits shelves on April 1.

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