Joya FvsS range of fragrances with 22 carat gold dipped wands

It’s always great to smell pine fresh, and you never know when that opportunity is waiting for you just round the corner. And now it’s time for the bottles to look just as nice as the fragrance it holds. And so Joya is out with two fragrances which will showcase their new collection called FvsS. The perfumes will be made available in handcrafted porcelain bottles, sporting perfume wands dipped in 22-carat gold. The bottle has been designed in antique styles using cut glass and round perfume bottles as inspiration.

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The first fragrance, called Composition No. 1, comes with citrus top notes, which would include Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange, fresh quince scents. The middle notes consist of heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia, and Damask, while the dry down fragrances include creamy sandalwood, pale musk, and a hint of tonka bean. Composition No.6, on the other hand, is inspired by Fujian cypress, juniper berries, and tangy yuzu fragrances.

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