Junk artist creates exclusive Star Wars Merchandise from discarded Louis Vuitton bags

A while back, conceptualizing Star Wars and Louis Vuitton together was only a crazy idea for our heads. However, a sculptor by the name of Gabriel Dishaw has changed our minds in a few frenzied and awe-inspired seconds that we recently spent in staring at his art work. The Indianapolis star has been churning out exclusive Star Wars gear from, yea you guessed it – Louis Vuitton goodies!

Been heavily inspired by the Star Wars Franchise, Dishaw set out to make art forms on it ever since he was a kid. Over the years, he consistently worked at gathering resources needed for building the gear, which consist mostly of junk and deconstructed pieces such as computer chips, capacitors and metal trinkets. His latest obsession however, is to shred down vintage Louis Vuitton bags to turn them into spectacular Star Wars memorabilia such as unique Darth Vader helmets

Apart from Vader, Dishaw’s art collection also boasts of a Kylo Ren helmet, a C3PO head and an Imperial Walker and TIE fighter from the Imperial Fleet. While this isn’t his day job, the artist has seamlessly popularized his work through Instagram and other social media. His art work is currently on display at the IMAX Theatre in Indiana State Museum to compliment the Friday opening of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’ Dishaw’s sculptures retail anywhere between $2,500 to $7000, and frankly we’d even pay more to buy them!


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