Just the thing to enjoy your single malt – A pair of Macallan loafers

Macallan’s newest edition isn’t a bottle of whiskey but rather a pair of velvet loafers for men! Yep, that’s right! At the cost of having whiskey connoisseurs confused and wondering all over the world, the marquee recently introduced a limited-edition batch of loafers in close association with designer Rob McAllan.

Christened as the ‘King of Speyside’, the loafers are a perfect ode to the marquee’s eye for finesse and luxury. Defined as “an evolution of the iconic loafer, inspired by “The Macallan Rare Cask”, the shoe finds a muse in the brand’s rare collection that is made up of 50 casks, each hand-picked from the most unique casks of scotch. Each pair is carefully hand-crafted in Italy and features rich handpicked velvet with gold stitching of the Macallan “Spiritual Home” along with an imperial metal lion accent on the heels. In spite of the sophisticated bling, the loafers promise an unparalleled comfort, unlike most dress shoes.

Commenting on the association, Raquel Raies, The Macallan National Brand Ambassador said, “the Macallan is dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs, so a collaboration with Rob McAllan was the perfect fit to create something unique, special, and available in limited quantities, just like each batch of The Macallan Rare Cask.” Only 100 pairs of the Macallan loafers are available for sale, with each retailing for $500. Proceeds from its sale will partly be directed to The Folded Flag Foundation, an organization that supports to families of fallen soldiers. Would you fancy a pair of the Macallan loafers?


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