Karl Lagerfeld gets confused between original and fake Chanel

It seems the statement ‘often imitated but never duplicated’ does not apply to Chanel anymore. The fakes are getting so good, it seems that even Chanel’s infamous creative director, Karl Lagerfeld can’t tell the difference. At a media event this week, Lagerfeld was found asking a journalist if her jacket was authentic Chanel, when she replied saying it was, the bizarre genius said, “I thought so, I thought so, It looks like [Chanel], but there are so many copies, so it could be a copy you know.” This is not the first time the issue of authenticity has come up, as Lagerfeld recently questioned whether Jackie Kennedy’s infamous pink Chanel suit was an original.

Chanel, as a brand, takes counterfeiting seriously; in 2011, they seized the domain names of more than 600 websites that sold counterfeit products. Putting the crime of counterfeiting aside, it is bizarre that Lagerfeld, considered by many to be a fashion genius, can’t tell the difference between a $50 counterfeit and a $2,400 Chanel original.

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