Karl Lagerfeld promotes same-sex marriage at the latest Chanel runway

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his eccentricities, He has brought his edgy fashion to Chanel as a head designer as well as his own self-titled brand. His fashion shows for Chanel have always been different and most definitely stand out in the endless barrage of fashion weeks. One of his most unique ideas was mimicking an aircraft as the runway in 2012. The latest Chanel Couture show that took place in France stood out for a completely different reason. It was not an over-the-top runway or using strippers as models that set this show apart but rather the message Lagerfeld was sending the world. The show ended with two brides walking down the catwalk (or aisle as it were) holding hands whilst accompanied by Lagerfeld’s godson as a pageboy. The runway show was held shortly before an announcement by French President Francois-Hollande endorsing a law allowing same-sex marriage.

This piece of legislation has caused controversy not only in France but the world over; with the controversial catwalk, Lagerfeld made it clear which side of the debate he supports. When asked about the debate, he said, “I don’t even understand the debate, since 1904 [in France], the church and state have been separate.” He went o.to say that he believes all religions should tolerate same-sex marriage. Personally, I applaud Lagerfeld for his bold choice of mixing fashion with a political statement. This move comes close on the heels of Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park’s initiative of introducing same sex wedding packages.


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