Karl Lagerfeld designs stylish helmets to up the chic factor of the motorcycle world

Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is not advisable and illegal in many countries too. However if you want to add style to your head gear, then Karl Lagerfeld and Jérôme Coste are ready for your service! Their company, Les Ateliers Ruby, have come up with four stunning helmet designs just for you! The first of the four helmets was first premiered at Lagerfeld’s Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection. It is a pavilion helmet in black and is covered with tweed. Currently this is the only version on sale and is also has the distinction of having 100 pieces being sold at €1,200 each.

The other three versions will be made of black shiny mink, white rex-rabbit fur and terracotta colored fabric embroidered with pearls. These helmets will be rare indeed as these limited edition versions will have only 12 pieces each for sale, priced at €4,545, €2,730 and €3,820 each respectively. The helmet will be made even more exclusive as it includes a small iPod pocket. Also on sale is a version of Ruby Woman 70x70cm silk scarf available for €140.

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