Karl Lagerfeld flies high with Chanel’s aircraft-themed fashion show

Looks like Karl Lagerfeld wanted to bring back the bygone era of glamorous flying back to the present. He recently hosted Chanel fashion show on a runaway that was designed as an aircraft. As gimmicky as this may sound the fashion show incorporated all the details of an airplane. The audience seating were numbered and resembled seats of an airplane. The entrance at the front was the door to the cockpit and the blue carpeting bore Chanel monogram. The color of choice of course was blue in reference to the blue skies. The collection composed of 60 outfits and each and every outfit had different shades of blue including powder blue, sky blue, warm violet blues, electric blue, royal blue, midnight and navy blue. All in all there were around 150 shades of blue with the embroidery in shades of blue as well. The outfits included day and evening looks from slim drop-waist dresses to casual jeans.
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