La Prairie Special Edition Skin Cream- Not just cleansing its time for Blingin!

Just because we girls are careful when it comes to skin care and looking good doesn’t mean you can shove anything down our throats. We all love La Prairie skin care products because we like what is inside the bottle; with the La Prairie Special Edition Skin Cream marking their 20th anniversary with their special and expensive edition Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, they might just loose out on some pretty looking consumers considering how much we would have to splurge for what lies outside! It doesn’t come with just the 645 50 ml jars; it brings along a Swarovski-encrusted jar which mighty expensive, $2000, while the plain versions cost just $345.

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This Swarovski-encrusted special edition Skin Caviar Luxe Cream will be available in November! Save all the moolah you can till then gals!