Lacoste creates an unique tennis racquet from woods and space age graphite

Things at Lacoste have been quiet for a while, so the brand’s newest venture comes as a welcome surprise. Lacoste has announced the launch of a new, high-tech limited edition tennis racquet called the LT12. This unique racquet uses three kinds of wood and high modulus graphite (a material used in spacecrafts) to create a high performance racquet that is as collectible as it is innovative. Walnut wood provides rigidity within the racket while dampening string vibrations. Balsa wood is used at the core of the frame and Lime Tree wood is used for the inner periphery, they collide to dampen the vibrations of the overall structure. Meanwhile Graphite fibers knitted into wool are bonded to the wood using resin allowing for better control and ball speed. The LT12 is the only racquet to feature this technology. Each LT12 takes five hours to create and is hand crafted by French artisan, Alain Zanco who took nearly three years to perfect the design.

lacoste-clothing-line-5Lacoste will also introduce a capsule collection of clothing and gear to supplement the LT12. The collection will include familiar polo t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts as well as sneakers, bags and sunglasses. Apparel features signature piping details, the croc logo and color blocked designs. Our favorite is the white and green watch, a perfect complement to any player’s tennis whites.

lacoste-clothing-line-6The LT12 is limited to 650 pieces will be available in April for €550 ($624). You can shop the Sport collection here.

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