Lacoste swaps their Crocodile logo for endangered species to raise awareness

Lacoste may be known for their iconic polo shirts complete with the familiar crocodile logo, but the brand is ditching gators for other species who deserve the limelight. The company has partnered with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and French Ad agency BETC Paris to create a limited edition line of polo shirts that feature endangered species instead of the crocodiles.

10 animals have been included in the collection and the number of t-shirts available for each animal is the same as the number of those animals that can be found in the wild. For instance, Lacoste’s 450 tshirts bearing the Anegada Rock Iguana draw attention to the fact that the Iguanas’ numbers in the wild have reduced to just 450. The list of animals chosen includes the Javan Rhino, Burmese Roofed Turtle, California Condor, Sumatran Tiger, Vaquita Porpoise etc.

The new animal logos are created using the same technique that Lacoste always uses for their polo shirts. Each t-shirt is priced at 150€ ($183) each and the proceeds benefit the IUCN’s efforts to conserve these endangered species.


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