Lalique launches Noir Premier fragrance collection exclusively at Harrods

Our fascination with vintage perfumes owes a lot to Lalique. From the earliest fragrance edition introduced in 1931, the Lalique’s history is closely interwined with perfume. For Lalique, history and tradition are very important and this is why the French glass designer has introduced the Noir Premier Collection to highlight the milestone of the brand’s history.

lalique-noir-premier-fragrance-collection-2The Noir Premier Collection includes five outstanding fragrances and an exclusive edition for Harrods, whose names and themes are inspired by Lalique’s legacy, full of boldness and modernity. Each of the perfume – Fleur Universelle (1900), Terres Aromatiques (1905), Rose Royale (1935), Sculpteur d’ Epices (created especially for Harrods in 1945), Fruits du Mouvement (1977) and Elegance Animale (1989) costs £180/ $290 (100ml) and reveals novel facets of timeless olfactory families.

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lalique-noir-premier-fragrance-collection-4Identical for all the fragrances in this collection, the bottle bears the name of the fragrance written in gold letters on its left side. The Noir Premier bottle forms the Roman numeral “I”, and is decorated with a graceful motif of wings engraved on the transparent glass edges. Echoing this graceful design, the cap is engraved with Lalique’s “Swallows” emblem. The year of the event the fragrance is written on the facing.

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lalique-noir-premier-fragrance-collection-3The bottle is presented in a precious black lacquer coffret, lined with sensuous imitation suede that is protected by a black cardboard overbox, sheathed in a black and gold sleeve circled with a band presenting the name of the fragrance in the collection’s signature gold.

The Noir Premier Collection is available exclusively at Harrods Salon de Parfum.

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