The Lamborghini Urus Super SUV has inspired a new range of lifestyle products

Lamborghini is the last word in luxury cars, but the brand is now striving to make their presence felt in other sectors. After announcing a collaboration with a massage chair company recently, Lamborghini has now revealed a special edition collection of lifestyle products created with three different designers: Enzo Bonafè, Hettabretz and Tecknomonster. These new products from Collezione Automobili Lamborghini celebrate the brand’s Urus Super SUV.

Tecknomonster has created 2 four-piece sets of luggage made from carbon fiber, all designed to fit snugly into the trunk of the Urus Super SUV.

Meanwhile Hettabretz, a company noted for their exquisite leather outerwear, has created 30 customizable suede jackets that feature the hexagonal pattern that Lamborghini is known for.

Footwear designer Enzo Bonafé has contributed two pairs of driving moccasins that feature Lamborghini’s tricolor on the heel.

No prices have been revealed as of now, but we will keep you updated as we learn more about these all-Italian items.


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