LASVIII Paris charms with chic and stylish leather creations

Luxury fashion statement pieces are a must have for one and all. Almost everyone wants to own the latest and most exquisite threads. While not everyone can afford luxury trends like clothes made of gold, there are other rich materials that promise to create the same luxurious effect. Case in point, leather. LASVIII Paris has proved the wonders this material can do for you when it comes to creating a style statement. Among the many creations by LASVIII Paris that caught our attention are the following:

The Euphoria creation which personifies the brands belief of offering only the finest handmade leather creations. An ensemble made of crocodile, lamb skin and reticulated python skin; it is a showstopper in its own right. An exquisite creation it has an asking price of 43000 Euros ($58,370).

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The Daytona creation too exemplifies the brands mastery over the luxe material. A creation for the man with style it is made from crocodile, lamb skin and reticulated python skin. Not a cheap creation this, it has an asking price of 63000 Euros ($85,500).

Suave and stylish the Cayman creation is for the showstopper men out there. Create a style statement with this exquisite creation in all black. Made from crocodile skin and baby calf hair, it has an asking price of a cool 48000 Euros ($65,143).

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For those with a taste for animal skins, LASVIII Paris is the ideal choice.